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Meter changeouts resuming

The East Central Electric Cooperative has resumed our efforts to update the meters for each of our members.

Since 2019, we have been rolling out the state-of-the-art Aclara I-210+ meters, which offer two-way automatic communication, regularly undergo data integrity testing, and store interval data for 35 days to ensure accuracy for our members.

This is a cost-effective way to offer our members daily updates on their usage for peace of mind and accountability. This system also records interval data, allowing residential members to view their usage on an hour-by-hour basis and make energy efficiency decisions for their home.  

This changeout has been on a slow roll due to the size of our service area and the desire to maintain cost efficiency for our members. To date, 5,263 meters have been replaced. Our goal is to complete the changeout by the end of 2024.

ECE Director of Operations and Engineering Royce McMahon said, “The reason for the changeout is that some of our meters are 15-20 years old and the software and/or hardware is no longer supported, which means the meter probably won’t work much longer.”

East Central Electrical will be sending letters and making phone calls to those members who will be receiving a new meter in advance of the changeout. We try to work with the contractor to alert members at least one week in advance.

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