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Play Smart! Play Safe!

A kid’s guide to summer electrical safety


  1. If your favorite toy gets stuck in an electrical substation or around electrical equipment, don’t go after it. Instead, ask an adult to call the electric cooperative or get you a new toy. Never play on or hang around electric utility boxes or substations!

  2. If you want to climb a tree, check first that there are no nearby power lines! If a branch touches a power line while you are playing on or near the tree, you could get hurt.

  3. Fly kites and toy planes in large open areas, far away from power lines! If your toy gets stuck on a power line, don’t try to tug it down, just leave it!

  4. Keep electrical toys, radios, and other outdoor appliances at least 10 feet away from pools and wet surfaces! If you get out of the pool, be sure to dry off before touching anything electrical!

  5. Stomping in puddles can be good fun after a summer storm rolls through, but before you start playing, look out for fallen electrical lines. Stay at least 40 feet away from all downed power lines and don’t touch nearby water! Call 911 and your electric cooperative immediately!

  6. Balloons, signs and banners do not belong on utility poles or other electrical equipment! Putting these items on a pole could endanger you or one of your cooperative line workers.

  7. If you see lighting or hear thunder, it’s time to go inside and wait for the storm to pass!

  8. Never try to rescue a family member, friend, or pet that has come into contact with any electrical equipment! You can be a hero by calling 911 immediately!



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